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Southern Louisiana Shallow Water Alligator Gar

Alligator gar are a catch to be prized.  They are challenging to catch and when an angler get a chance to set the hook, these fresh water fish are fun to reel in to the skiff.  Whether fishing in Lake Pontchartrain or in the fresh water marshes, alligator gar are best caught in July and August. For premier fishing call Southern Fly Expeditions New Orleans guide Captain Brandon Keck.  This is catch and release at its finest.  

Catching Alligator Gar New Orleans

The alligator gar lives in large rivers, bays, and coastal marine waters around New Orleans.  The best time of the year for fishing Alligator Gar is July through August. The hotter weather and the less rainfall, the better fishing for Alligator gar. Look for deep holes. It is even better if the water above and below the hole is shallow.  Off shore fishing in bays offer a great place for alligator gar to be caught.  

Alligator gar are challenging to catch.  Their razor sharp teeth can cut your line.  They don't feed much in the winter and are difficult to catch but with expert New Orleans guide, Brandon Keck, catching alligator gar, jack crevalle,red fish, and black drum is much easier.


Jack Crevalle Southern Fly Expeditions New Orleans

They are big, they are all spunk when reeling in a jack crevalle with Captain Brandon Keck of Southern Fly Expeditions, Louisiana's top fly fish guide.  Whether you are an business executive looking for a weekend adventure or coming into New Orleans on business, take a day to book a fly fishing trip in the fresh water marshes in New Orleans.  Avid anglers will enjoy the challenge of casting for jacks, red fish, alligator gar, sheepshead, and black drum.  


Ultimate Fly Fishing Trip Southern US

For the best fly fishing charter trip book to louisiana fly fishing charter Southern Fly Expedition with Captain Brandon Keck.  Brandon's on of the top New Orleans fly fishing guides.   Forget booking a fly fishing trip to the Florida Keys when you can come to New Orleans for world class fly fishing for black drum, red fish, jack crevalle, and alligator gar.  It catch and release fly fishing at its best.  You'll be fly fishing in the marshes of Lake Borgne, Lake Pontchatrain, near st. Malo, Delacroix, Shell Beach.  Fly fish in the salted flats near new orleans.  

Fly Fishing Trips for Fifty Yr Olds

You've put in many hours in your career and now it time to take a fly fishing trip and feel the excitement of reeling in a fiesty jack crevalle, a monster redfish, a huge black drum.  This is a fishing vacation where you'll enjoy every minute casting your line, hearing your reel sing, and testing your strength as you reel your catch into the skiff.  This is a day spent with the top new orleans fishing guide, Captain Brandon Keck.  

Women's Fly Fishing Trips

More women are fly fishing today than ever before.  Fly fishing is an anglers sport that can challenge women's tenacity and strength.  Imaging reeling in a 70 lb redfish or jack crevalle.  Women fishermen have the instinct to cast their lures in just the right spot and when to set their hook after the fish has taken the bait.  This is not fish with phil, it's fish with Brandon Keck, the best women's fly fishing guide in Louisiana. 

Red Fish Catch and Release New Orleans

For the perfect couple's fly fishing vacation, call Southern Fly Expeditions New Orleans premier fly fishing charter.  Captain Brandon Keck, the best fly fishing guide of New Orleans will give you a shallow water sight fishing trip that will be filled with excitement.  Spend the day on a skiff sighting reds, casting and reeling them in with a challenge.  Brandon Keck picks up his anglers and then takes them into the Louisiana marsh to fly fish.

Catch and Release Guide New Orleans

Spend a fishing trip casting for red drum, black drum, jack crevalle, alligator gar, and sheepshead in New Orleans with Captain Brandon Keck of Southern Fly Expeditions.  Our Southern Expeditions give you the most exciting day casting for monster fish.  Whether you are wanting to book a couples fishing trip, in town on business and want to cast for a half day of fishing, call Southern Fly Expeditions charter.   

Avid Angler Fly Fishing Southern Fly Expeditions

New Orleans is the home of one of the top fly fishing charters in the southern United States.  Captain Brandon Keck guide and owner will give you a sight fly fishing trip of a life time.  If you are an avid angler and are looking for a fly fishing trip, come to New Orleans and fly fish from our skiff.  We will pole you into the shallow water marsh where red fish lazily await your lure.  Meet the challenge of luring them to your bait, setting your hook, and meeting the challenge of reeling them into the boat.  

Women's Fly Fishing Charter New Orleans

Captain Brandon is one of the top Nola guides for women's fly fishing charters.  Spend a day with native Louisiana Captain Brandon Keck.  Captain Keck is a clean, educated guide who's hobby, from a young boy to adulthood, is to be the best fly fishing guide in the south U.S.  He will take you into the shallow marsh waters to sight fish for redfish, red drum, black drum, and alligator gar.  He can also take you to the salt water flats for sheepshead the prison fish of the south.  Captain Branon, Southern Fly Expeditions top fly fishing guide, is gunn hook or gung ho to book you on a half day, full day, or two day fly fishing excursion.

Best Ladies Fly Fishing Guide New Orleans

A Louisiana fly fishing guide, Captain Brandon Keck, of Southern fly Expeditions will give you an exciting fly fishing excursion in the shallow south marshes near New Orleans.  If you are looking for a Louisiana low tide fly fishing charter, call Captain Brandon Keck.  Our southern flats fly fishing charter, Southern Fly fishing will take you to the hot spots to ensure a successful day of fly fishing.  Captain Brandon is called Louisianas fly fisher because of his success as a New Orleans, Venice, Southern Louisiana guide.  A front range angler of shallow water marsh fly fishing, Brandon will give you a wonderful day of fly fishing.