Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide Reviews

Please confirm availability with Capt. Brandon for the dates you wish to reserve before booking them online.

My clients have a great time on the water with me and many choose to share their experience with you.  Some have left reviews below, but please also see our many Google reviews for Southern Fly Expeditions.   Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but actual words from actual clients are invaluable.  Looking forward to having you on the bow of my skiff!  - Capt. Brandon Keck, Owner & operator of Southern Fly Expeditions

"Capt Brandon Keck is the consummate professional. I've only been on the fly rod for a few years and only 2 trips to the salt so far. But I can say I've fallen in love and have booked my share of guides in the last half-decade. Brandon is bar none the best guide I've ever had the pleasure of fishing with. He was patient with my somewhat lacking salt casting. I was just in town for the holidays, so we only had one day and it was quite foggy. He still put us on plenty of fish and I even landed a few. The rest, I forgot everything I know about fly casting and missed - but Brandon certainly did his job and we had a blast. I'll definitely be seeing a lot more of Capt Keck in the near future. If you're going to fish in the LA marsh, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try to get on Capt Keck's calendar." - Brad Yeager

“Had a great time fishing with Brandon. Despite the weather Brandon put us on some nice fish.” - Todd Barnes

“What a fantastic day in the beautiful Louisiana marsh! Capt. Brandon was very professional and I appreciated his friendliness. I accompanied my boyfriend and ended up catching two huge red fish! Time of my life. Thank you!” - Kirstin Hill

“Capt. Brandon was amazing! We had a once in a lifetime experience with him. His knowledge of the area and professionalism sets him apart by leaps and bounds!! I took my girlfriend with and while I sight fished Capt. Brandon put her to work throwing a spinning rod, let me tell you she worked!!! Catching two giant reds! What a day, and can't wait to come back!” - Eric Strader

“Just got home after spending a few great days in the marshes of Southern Louisiana with Captain Brandon.  He went the extra mile(s) to put my Dad and I on some really nice fish.  We landed several on the fly, including a 35-pound Red I may never top. Awesome fishery, awesome guide. Highly recommend booking with Southern Fly Expeditions if you're looking for some swallow water fun!” - Geoffrey Hillis

Capt. Keck is a world-class guide - professional, client-friendly, and puts you on big fish! - and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a memorable trip. My friend and I had a pretty epic day of fishing w/ Capt. Keck and I'm looking forward to my next day on the water with him. - Mike Shore, Florida

"Wow, what a great experience we had with Captain Brandon. We were only able to get out for 1 of our 2 planned days because of weather. For folks that fish a lot, that's a huge compliment to Brandon. We could have gone out for that second day, but it would have been a boat ride. 

On to the actual fishing, Brandon met us at the Last Stop deli in St. Bernard which is a great way to start the day with good breakfast sandwiches and we also picked up lunch. A big part of fishing in Louisiana is experiencing the culture and Brandon helped tap you into that right away. Next we were on to the boat ramp and quickly off to some great looking marsh flats. Brandon is as patient as they come when working a fish. My dad and I both messed up good opportunities in the morning and it helps to build you confidence when the guide has a positive attitude to move on to the next fish. We landed some really great fish both on fly and on the spinning rod in one of Brandon's secret spots. 

Brandon added a great finishing touch to each fish by taking professional quality photos with his camera and then sent us the photos the morning after the trip. What a blast!!! We will definitely be back for more." - Chris Conant, Missouri/Texas

"Brandon is an excellent guide! He is very personable and knowledgeable. He put us on to a lot of fish. Brandon met us on time and his boat was immaculate! My son and I will be back for another great fishing experience." - Paul Conant, Missouri

"Fishing with Brandon was one of the most enjoyable days of guided fly fishing I have ever experienced.  Having fly fished all over the world for 40+ years I have been fortunate to fish many exotic places with guides of all skill levels.  There are 5 reasons why if you are a fly fisherman you should book a trip with Capt. Keck at your next opportunity:  1) He is a completely professional guide who is prompt and courteous setting up your trip; 2) He is a true fly fishing guide not a "guy with a boat"; 3) The fishing in the region is YEAR ROUND for 20-40 lb Redfish in shallow water; 4) You are site casting monster fish with usually no other boat in site; 5) He is a conservationist who truely cares about the fishery and follows all ethical rules of catch and release.  I am not normally a review writer type but I wasso impressed by Brandon's effort and enthusiasm from the minute I spoke with him by phone, to the moment he picked us up at our hotel, until dropped us off to catch our flights physically worn out from battling giant reds and smiling from ear to ear.  Tight Lines to all you fly fishing enthusiasts!" - Dave Glover, Massachusetts

"Me and my wife went out on our Honeymoon. . She is now hooked on fishing, so pretty much the best investment I've ever made. Thanks!" - Patrick Hitchins, Texas

"Just wanted to say it was an excellent day on the water and we had an absolute blast. We saw tons of fish, including the big ones that got us really fired up! Your professionalism, skiff, and quality of business was second to none. Very much appreciated. I will be in touch to book trips in the future!" - Jacob Kesterson, Texas

"WOW, what else is there to say. First class operation does serve Capt Brandon justice. My wife and I always dreamed of redfish on the fly in Louisiana, well this year it became a reality and what a day we had. From the first email to the handshake goodbye at the end of the trip professionalism is what we encountered with captain Brandon. He picked us up promptly in front of our hotel (in the French Quarter) lined us up with poboys for lunch (we supplied the beignets...mmm beignets) to recommending dinner spots off the beaten path. A true local is what you get with Captain Brandon. Outstanding day with an outstanding Captain.....what more could you ask for. Cheers." - David Blohm, California


Louisiana Fly Fishing for Redfish

"Brandon is top notch.  Professional, Respectful, Encouraging, and flat out good at getting you on fish and putting them in the boat.  I caught my first Red on the fly in the heat of summer and it couldn't have been any better.  Super knowledgeable and easy to get along with.  You can tell he just loves to fish so there is no pressure to put one in the boat like you get from most guides.  If you wanna fish the Louisiana Marsh and get on big exciting fish this is your guy.  Top of my list for sure." - Mike Widdes, Illinois

"Capt. Brandon Keck's Southern Fly Expeditions surpassed expectations from our first contact with him until our last. Not only was he quick to respond and enthusiastic about our upcoming adventure; he consistently went above and beyond a typical charter experience (he accomodated our lack of transportation not by offering a cab but by picking us up, boat in tow, - in FRONT OF OUR HOTEL!). We spent a gorgeous day on the water getting more than just world class fishing - Capt. Keck gave us individual, PATIENT, attention as we learned the basics of Jack fishing, great conversation, tips for future casting practice, and the most gorgeous, professional pics of us with our catches! I've been on many charters before and our trip with Southern Fly Expeditions crushed it. Captain Keck is the first call we're making next trip down south!" - Shannon Long, Massachusetts

Black drum on fly in Louisiana

"Had a blast on the water today with Capt. Brandon Keck !! I've fished with a few guides over the years and he's by far one of my favorites. He has a vast wealth of knowledge of the area, the fish, and fishing in general. Today he helped me land a personal best fish on the fly (40+ lbs. black drum). I don't know who was more excited me or him. It's this kind of passion and enthusiasm that separates Brandon from crowd. He also earned my respect with his dedication to preserving Louisiana's wildlife and environment. He went out of his way to make sure the fish were released healthy. His skill level was also first class. We saw a ton of tailing fish today, and I was put in position to make a cast to all of them. I cannot say enough good things about my trip. I'm still sitting back smiling, recalling the events and good conversation of the day. This was a day that I will always remember. I WILL be booking another trip and I recommend that everyone who wants to fish Louisiana do the same. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again Capt. Brandon. You really went beyond the duties of a top rated guide." - Brian Sunday, Louisiana

"Such an amazing time.  We went searching for Jack Crevalle and Capt. Keck knew all the best spots.  Awesome first time on the water and I felt like a pro with his help and landing some really big fish." - Mac Clausen, Illinois

Redfish on fly in Louisiana

"I've had the good fortune of fishing with many guides all around the US and Caribbean, most of which have been top notch operation.  My favorite trip by far though is the Louisiana marsh with Capt. Keck.  I have had some of my best "fishing" days and also some pretty tough ones here, but Capt. Keck has always worked his tail off to compensate for the conditions and or my abilities.  My personal experience with him lead me to book him for 2 large corporate clients on separate occasions, both of which were relatively inexperiences at fly fishing.  Capt. Keck's patience and knowledge helping both catch fish and have a great day on the water which in turn made my work life very happy.  I will use Southern Fly Expeditions every time I need a guide in NOLA." - Joel Lewis, West Virginia

Louisiana bull redfish on fly

"Captain Brandon is much more than a top NOLA guide.  It's a given that anyone reaching his status as a guide knows where to find big fish.  What sets him apart are two things that you don't find in every guide once they have a full books of business.  First, he returns calls and over communicates with his clients.  Second, he's fastidious about protecting the fishery and taking pain staking measures to ensure it's future.  Call him, you won't say he sucks!" - Dwane Hahn, Texas

Louisiana black drum on fly

"I had the tremendous good fortune to meet & fish with Capt. Brandon Keck for a few days in October.  I immediately this young guide because he has an immaculate skiff, high-end, correctly rigged fly rods & reels, fantastic knowledge of his fishery, and he's a heckuva lot of fun to fish with.  Whether you are a complete novice just trying to get your first fish on fly, or you are a seasoned expert looking to fish with a fantastic guide, Captain Brandon Keck & SOUTHERN FLY EXPEDITIONS should be high on your list when you want to explore the Louisiana marsh." - Jeff Rybak, South Carolina

"Many thanks to you for a fly fishing trip that exceeded my hopes of hooking a large redfish with a fly rod.  You took us right to where the fish were and then gave just the right instructions at just the right moment to hook a large bull redfish.  Too much fun!  I will definitely recommend Southern Fly Expeditions to my friends.  You knowledge of the area and fishing advice made all the difference.  Thanks for your patience and help with teaching my wife to cast and retrieve.  She enjoyed the trip as much as I did.  Really enjoyed the professional photos that you took and sent out the next day.  Excellent!  I have not seen that with other guided fishing trips I have taken.  These things really make a difference on a memorable fishing trip like the one we had.  Thanks again!" - Doug Chandler, Wyoming

"Capt. Brandon delivered me the experience of a lifetime.  From picking me up at my hotel to putting me on some monster fish, he provides excellent customer service.  Can't wait for a return trip!" - Lance Falk, Indiana


"My trip with Capt. Keck was an outstanding success.  The week started with me coming to the realization that a fishing trip was not going to happen as I was in New Orleans on a last minute trip.  Imagine my great fortune when I got the call that Brandon was available.  The day started out with Brandon picking me up at my hotel and a quick stop for some breakfast.  Could not have been more convenient.  At the time, Capt. Keck was fairly new but assured me I was in good hands.  Although a salt water fly fishing trip had been a goal of mine for many years, the two previous attempts did not turn out well.  Bad time of year, bad weather and so on.  This day was to be the one to remember.  When we reached the boat dock Brandon asked me two things.  Should he bring the spinning rods?  My answer, No.  Today was going to be on the fly or Bust.  The next question, did I want to chase lots of fish or big fish.  Well, living in Wyoming I catch a lot of fish on the fly in a years’ time.   Lots.  So on this day, we were looking for BIG.  The morning was a little slow with one breakoff and one missed strike.  During the slack between tides we saw a few fish but they were deep and uncooperative.  After a quick sandwich and with the tide moving water again we were back at it and the fun began.  Too sum up the afternoon, 4 large bulls were landed along with another smaller fish.  The four averaged nearly 30 pounds apiece.  And this was a shortened afternoon due to my schedule.  Of all types of fly-fishing, streamer fishing has always been my weakest.  Capt. Keck’s expert instruction and advice kept me looking, and catching,  like a pro. I can’t say enough about his attitude and professionalism.  Now I spend all of my time plotting and scheming how and when I will get back to the Big Easy and another trip with Capt. Keck. The next time will be different. I will be going for at least 3 days as one is simply not enough." - Steve Beazley,  Wyoming

"Brandon is an exceptional guide for Redfish in Louisiana. I went out with him in January and had an amazing experience. Brandon has an incredible knowledge of the local landscape as well as a passion for fishing that comes through in his guiding. Not only is the fishing a once in a lifetime experience, but the guiding from start to finish is the best of southern hospitality." - Kathleen Richmond,  Texas


"If you like sight fishing and chasing BIG Red Fish, Captain Brandon Keck will give you the opportunity of a life time if the conditions are right.  Depending on tide currents and water conditions you may have a chance to get into large schools of huge Red Fish that can get you into your backing in a matter of seconds.  He knows the area well and isn’t afraid to be flexible enough to take you to as many spots as he can to find fish for you.  He works hard, has a keen spotting eye, is an excellent coach and does as much as humanly possible to keep you in position to make the necessary casts to the fish that are spotted.  I highly recommend Southern Fly Expeditions and Captain Brandon Keck as a guide service that is as good as any and better than most.  Brandon Keck is my only choice for a Red Fish guide."  -  Sam Potter, Missouri

"We had a great time with Capt. Brandon.  The weather was cold, the wind was blowing, but we found some nice redfish.  He is professional and knows how to take awesome pictures of your trophies.  It's like a twofer.  Fly fishing guide and professional photographer!" - Doug Root, Georgia

"I fished for bull reds with Brandon in mid-Oct 2014. We fished extremely hard for two days following a storm that left residual windy conditions, which proved a bit daunting at times.  Brandon proved totally knowledgable, skilled, well equipped, accommodating, and  determined to make us successful.  I had a number of close shots at large bull reds and more at smaller fish.  We did boat one monster bull and more respectable reds.  The experience was totally enjoyable and satisfying, as Brandon also has great people and communication skills."  -  Bill Reed, Massachusetts


Please confirm availability with Capt. Brandon for the dates you wish to reserve before booking them online.