When is the best time to come?  Is ____ a good time to come?

Answer:  The fishing here can be great year-round.  The conditions/weather is the major factor.  Check out the blog post I wrote about this topic.

What type of fish will we be targeting/catching?  

Answer:  Redfish are typically the main target specie, but we may also be able to target Black Drum, Jack Crevalle, Alligator Gar, Sheepshead, etc.  Jack Crevalle are highly targeted in the summer and early fall months.

How big are the fish?

Answer:  The redfish are anywhere from 2 - 40+lbs.  The area we are able to fish that day can play a role in the size of fish.  Black drum are 5-60+lbs.  Jack Crevalle are typically 15 - 30+lbs.  Alligator gar are typically 2-8 feet long.  Sheepshead are typically 2-10lbs.

How many people can you take on a boat?

Answer:  Maximum of 2 (not including the guide).

Do you supply tackle (rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, flies, lures)?

Answer:  Yes, we can supply all fly fishing or spin fishing tackle.  Left hand and right hand retrieve.


Answer:  You do NOT have to fly fish.  We offer charters using spinning tackle as well.  You're welcome to bring your own baitcast or spinning rods or we can supply spinning rods and tackle.


Answer:  We typically use 8, 9, and 10 weight fly rods.  All with floating weight-forward fly lines.

What strength leader will we be using?

Answer:  I typically use 20, 25, 30, or 40lb leader.  Often will go higher for Jack Crevalle.

What type of flies will we be using?

Answer:  Typically throwing 3-6" streamer type flies that mimic crabs, shirmp, and/or baitfish often tied on a 2/0-4/0 hook and weighted with large bead chain or up to large lead dumbell eyes (prefer to use materials such as brass eyes in place of lead).

How long is a half day?  How long is a full day?

Answer:  A half day is typically about 4 hrs and a full day is typically about 7-8hrs, which begins at the dock and ends at the dock.  This may vary depending on weather, fish activity, etc. 

If we book a half day and decide to go a full day, can you do that?

Answer:  Typically, yes, that shouldn't be a problem.

Do you offer half days in the fall and winter?

Answer:  All charters during fall and winter months will be charged as a full-day charter.

Is it ok if my wife/husband/friend/etc. comes even if they aren't fishing?

Answer:  Yes, of course.

Will the guide pick me up and drop me off?

Answer:  Typically, clients will meet their guide near the marina of choice for the day.  This is typically about 45min from New Orleans.  Transportation may be arranged, but must be discussed with the guide.  Capt. Brandon is one of few guides that may offer this type of transportation.

What time will we be picked up or what time will we meet up with the guide?

Answer:  This depends on the time of year and the conditions, but typically between 6:00am and 8:00am.  This will be discussed the evening before the charter.

What area will we be fishing?

Answer:  Typically we will be fishing out of Hopedale, LA or Delecroix, LA, but also fish out of other areas as needed.

How long does it take to get to the water from downtown?

Answer:  Typically about 45min.

Can you book multiple guides for a group trip?

Answer:  Yes, we have a select few guides that we use and can accommodate larger groups.  If booking just Capt. Brandon (without lodging) please book directly on the website.  If booking additional guides and/or lodging please book by credit card over the phone.

How do we pay the balance?

Answer:  Please pay the balance by cash or credit card on the day of the charter.  We recommend cash tips to guides and lodging staff.

What's included in the charter and what should we bring?

Answer:  This info can be found on the booking page of the Southern Fly Expeditions website.  Amber/Brown/Copper polarized sunglass lenses are highly recommended!  My favorite lenses have been the Smith Techlite Polarchromic and the Costa Green Mirror 580G.

Do you provide lunch?

Answer:  No, lunch is not provided.  If we are fishing out of Hopedale or Delacroix, there is a little sandwich shop called Last Stop Food Mart in Saint Bernard, LA where you can get breakfast and/or lunch sandwiches made (FYI - The po-boy sandwiches (on french bread) are big enough for 2 people or you can order a half po-boy for 1 person.  Unless you're REALLY hungry!).

Are there a lot of bugs?

Answer:  It depends on the conditions so please be prepared.  Bug spray may be provided if your guide has any at that time, but it's recommended you bring your own if you're worried about bugs.  We recommend long sleeves, long pants, and a face mask such as a Buff just in case.

When are the bull redfish around?

Answer:  There are almost always bull redfish around.  Targeting them will depend on the conditions.

When was 29° NOLA filmed?

Answer:  It was filmed in the month of October.  This type of fishing can be done throughout the year depending on conditions; however, the prime time is typically June-November and February-March for this type of topwater action with schooled up redfish.

Do you book charters for weekdays or weekends?

Answer:  I'm available for charters 7 days/week.

Do we keep the fish?  Do you clean the fish for us?

Answer:  We practice catch & release on our charters.  Plus the fish we catch are often too large to harvest.

Do you offer transportation to/from the airport?

Answer:  Typically no, but we may be able to arrange transportation or you can order an Uber or taxi.  I recommend renting a vehicle.

Do you have fishing & lodging packages?

Answer:  Yes, you can book fishing and lodging through Southern Fly Expeditions.  Please contact me for details.

How are Refunds processed?

Answer:  Deposit payments made online may be refunded and the appropriate funds will be returned to the same card used for the transaction.  Payments made by phone may be refunded up to 90 days from making the payment, in which case the appropriate funds will be returned to the card used for the transaction.  If deposit payments made by phone need to be refunded, the transaction fee cannot be refunded as it has already been collected by the card processing service.

What is a typical gratuity/tip?

Answer:  The amount of gratuity you choose to provide your guide is entirely up to you.  With that said, the average tip received is typically $100/day for the guide.  Help your guide(s) know that you appreciate their efforts and enjoyed your time with them.  I want you to catch fish as much or more than you do.  Even a fishless day requires a lot of work if not more work by your guide so please show your appreciation.  Gratuity is greatly appreciated and respected.