Jack Crevalle - GT's of the Gulf of Mexico - Fly Fishing in New Orleans, Louisiana

Summer is almost here!!!  The fishing has been great this spring even though Mother Nature has been hitting us with a lot of curve balls, but I'm so ready for the summer weather patterns to finally set in and I'm sure the fish are too.  What do I look forward to the most about summer fishing...?  The JACK CREVALLE!

The jack crevalle is like a drug to me and I'm extremely addicted to targeting them.  It just doesn't get much better.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE targeting redfish and all the other species here, but the speed, power, and ferocity these jacks have is something you will continuously think about once you experience it.  You'll just HAVE to get your "fix".

Very similar to the Giant Trevally (GT), which I'm sure many of you have heard of at least since Yeti put out their film from the country of Seychelles titled "Cosmo", the Jack Crevalle are right here in the United States in one of the most accessible cities and fisheries in the country, New Orleans.  Seychelles is an incredible place and fishery and I'm planning to go back with a group of my anglers possibly as soon as 2018.  There's just no place like it on earth and the fishery is so well taken care of by Alphonse Fishing Company.  If you can make it there sometime, I highly recommend it!  But for most, Seychelles just isn't an option whether it's because of time, financial situation, etc.  Some areas in Seychelles offer a lot of shots at GTs where some areas are more known for other species and getting a shot at a GT isn't as common.  Here in the summer (June-Oct), we could possibly see HUNDREDS of Jacks in a day and they get BIG.  Our average jack is in the 20lb range with high potential for larger.  20 pounds doesn't sound all THAT big after seeing photos of 20+lb redfish caught somewhat regularly in Louisiana, you say?  Come catch a 20 lb jack and a 20lb redfish and compare them.  You'll see and feel the difference immediately!  They will test the tackle, your strength, your stamina, and your will power to the max!

We have all the right rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies, and lures to target these beasts.  Fly or light tackle or both!  Want some topwater action?  There's no better fish and no better time to use topwater flies or lures.

Want to try your hand at some monster jack crevalle?  Let's go!  

Step 1 - Reserve the day(s)

Step 2 - Show up

Step 3 - Have a blast!

Step 4 - ...... Continue with step 3.


Oh and don't forget about the summer redfish and other species!

Spring and Summer Light Tackle and Fly Fishing in New Orleans, Louisiana

The end of winter is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited.  Spring and summer fishing, here we come!!!  The marsh is such a special place year-round, but there's something about the warm weather, grasses getting greener, alligators and other wildlife doing their thing, and fish chowing down!

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2016 - Fly Fishing New Orleans, Louisiana with Southern Fly Expeditions

2016 was an incredible year for Southern Fly Expeditions and our anglers from around the world!  We had some tough days with strange weather patterns, but we also had a lot of EPIC days all year long.

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Fly Fishing Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles 2016

Fly Fishing Bucket List

Seychelles is one of those saltwater fly fishing destinations that's on just about every fly fisher's bucket list.  And if it's not on one's list they either live under a boulder or... Well, they must live under a boulder.  To many, a trip of this caliber may seem simply out of reach.  Well, I'm not here to tell you to just do it because you only LIVE once, but coming from someone who came from a low-income family and is currently a fly fishing guide for a living... It can be within reach and I did it!  It was a trip of a lifetime and I'm already planning on going back.  What a trip it was!

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The Best Time to Fish Louisiana - New Orleans Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Sight Fishing

When is the best time to fish in Louisiana?

That's the most common question I get from potential clients and my preferred answer is... Well, when can you get here?  Of course that doesn't seem to be the answer they are looking for.  Because of this, I figured I'd go into a little more detail...

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29° NOLA - Fly Fishing Louisiana Redfish on Poppers

My film, 29° NOLA, has been released to the public for about 3 weeks now and has been viewed over 14,400 times as of now just on Vimeo!  I've got a lot of positive feedback from viewers and I can't thank you all enough for your kind words and support for the film and for Southern Fly Expeditions.  I hope the film continues to reach many more thousands of viewers around the world and I can't wait for the next film to do even better.

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2015 has been a great year for Southern Fly Expeditions and 2016 is looking bright with big things coming!  We have had some incredible days on the water despite some curveballs Mother Nature has thrown us this year.  Drags have been screaming, smiles have stretched from ear to ear, laughter has rang out across the seemingly endless marsh often without another boat in sight, and the stress of what many call the "real world" has been lifted.  Yeah, I'd be lying if I said there weren't any tough days or sketchy weather situations.  These times make the perfect times that much sweeter, but we strive to find the sweet side of every situation.  What a year it has been!

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Red November

You never REALLY know what the conditions are going to be like in the Louisiana marsh until you're out there.  The weatherman will try to give you a prediction, but you can pretty much ignore it most of the time.  Sometimes it's very challenging and sometimes it seems as if you can do no wrong, but rest assured that your Louisiana guide will do everything within their power to give you opportunities at fish and will have fun doing it.  Getting on fish and having a blast is exactly what we have been doing and do all year long!  Here are some fly clients from the past couple weeks with some of the fish they've been landing.  Looking forward to the rest of November and heading into winter!

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Fall Is In The Air - Fly Fishing The Louisiana Marsh!

Well, we finally got our first significant cold front of the season and the big bull redfish are fired up!  We had some great days in September and now 5 days into October we can tell it's going to be something to write home about.  I still have some days available so if you want in on this action you better secure your spots now.

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When it comes to saltwater fly fishing or light tackle sport fishing in shallow water, what fish do most anglers think of targeting and catching?  I'd guess here in America and the Caribbean they would be redfish, bonefish, tarpon, permit, and snook.  Each of these have their great qualities and challenges that cause us to seek them out, but there's another fish (among others) that many don't think of or choose not to target because it's a "trash fish", etc.  Honestly, I don't really know what most people say about them because I'm usually too busy thinking about how awesome they are.  That fish is the Jack Crevalle!

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New Orleans Summer Bull Redfish Action is HOT!

Fall is coming, but the bull redfish don't care what season it is.  They have been around all summer and August has been on fire!  Took Eric and Scott from Florida out for some hot Louisiana marsh redfish and black drum fly fishing action.  There were tons of both bull redfish and black drum missed, a few hooks pulled, lines break, and so on, but we got lots of shots and plenty of fish to the boat.  Scott even got his largest redfish on fly that day.  It was a fun day as usual!  I even got to spend a little time on the bow of the skiff.  Thanks for the bow time, guys.

I LOVE my job!

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Fly Fishing Spring & Summer - New Orleans, Louisiana

When you think of fly fishing near New Orleans, Louisiana, what is it that comes to mind?  Based on what I hear from most anglers around the country, you would probably think of the cool air of fall and winter on your face as you hunt for giant bull redfish.  We definitely have some great weather days accompanied by some fantastic fishing in the fall and winter, but you're shooting yourself in the foot if you think that's the only good time to fish the Louisiana marsh!  Spring and summer can produce INCREDIBLE fishing opportunities!  The temperatures may be hot, but so is the fishing!

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Louisiana Marsh to Florida Flats and Back

I LOVE my home waters here in Southeast Louisiana just outside of New Orleans.  There is great fishing to be had year-round!  Every now and then, like most others, guides like to go to other places to fish.  Whether it be to guide anglers or to do some fishing for themselves.  Whether it be in their home country or somewhere across the globe.  Well, for my trip, I chose Florida during the tarpon migration, joining thousands of others that flock to Florida at the same time for the same thing... To have a chance at a battle with the Silver King on a fly rod!  

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Louisiana Backcountry Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Charters

Here in southeast Louisiana just outside of New Orleans, we have been having some pretty nasty weather for weeks.  It has either been raining, windy, or both almost non-stop.  Much of the water toward to outermost part of the marsh has been churned up into what looks like chocolate milk.  That doesn't stop us from finding fish though!  Spring and summer are great times to spend in the interior or backcountry marsh and that's exactly what we have been doing lately.  Here are some of the beautifully colored redfish caught in and around the grass flats of the backcountry just about an hour outside of New Orleans.  I even got to take a break and do a little fishing myself today!  So much fun fly fishing or light tackle fishing the clear shallow waters of the interior Louisiana marsh.  

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"Passing the Torch" - Protect the Present and Ensure the Future!

I don't think I've seen a video that has hit me so close to home than this one.  Whether you decide to join BTT and provide a financial form of conservation or not I urge everyone to provide a physical form of conservation.  This can be done in SO many small and easy ways.  Things like not littering the land and water with cigarettes, plastic bags, cans, bottles, food wrappers, fishing lures, fishing lines, other trash, oil, other chemicals, etc.  Things like not keeping more fish than you need or will use in the near future.  Things like handling fish with care in order to minimize the amount of damage done to the fish before releasing them.  Things like not killing a fish in order to get your name in a "record book".  Things like picking up trash, etc. that others have thrown out.  And so many more!  Eventually it will become second nature and you'll be teaching others to follow.  It doesn't matter where in the world you are, what type of fish or game you target, or how strong you think your fishery is...  Please do your part to protect it.  Spend some time on my boat with me anywhere I go and you'll see the things I do as if there is no other option. It's just what I do. Great work, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  

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Well, folks… Like many others I’m writing to somewhat summarize my 2014 year. It has been great. I’ve had many ups, downs, successes, and failures . That’s life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We have been having great days on the water with clients from around the continent. They have come from California to Pennsylvania, from Florida to western Canada, and everywhere in between.

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