2016 - Fly Fishing New Orleans, Louisiana with Southern Fly Expeditions

2016 was an incredible year for Southern Fly Expeditions and our anglers from around the world!  We had some tough days with strange weather patterns, but we also had a lot of EPIC days all year long.

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Fly Fishing Spring & Summer - New Orleans, Louisiana

When you think of fly fishing near New Orleans, Louisiana, what is it that comes to mind?  Based on what I hear from most anglers around the country, you would probably think of the cool air of fall and winter on your face as you hunt for giant bull redfish.  We definitely have some great weather days accompanied by some fantastic fishing in the fall and winter, but you're shooting yourself in the foot if you think that's the only good time to fish the Louisiana marsh!  Spring and summer can produce INCREDIBLE fishing opportunities!  The temperatures may be hot, but so is the fishing!

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