Louisiana Saltwater Fly Fishing guide & Light Tackle Sight Fishing Guide

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As a Louisiana native I have been able to experience much of what Louisiana has to offer in the outdoors.  It's called "Sportsman's Paradise" for a reason!  Growing up in northern Louisiana, my passion began at a very young age with all types of freshwater fishing, particularly Largemouth Bass fishing. If I wasn't doing chores on the property, you could find me at the water's edge or in the boat, rod in hand.  Then once I was old enough, I began hunting.  This opened up a whole other world to me and I fell deeper in love with the outdoors.

I graduated high school at 17 and began a long hard road to graduate from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Engineering.  I wasn't going to let that stop me though, from spending every chance I could in the outdoors with either a conventional rod, fly rod, bow, or gun in my hands.  At 22, I graduated and moved to New Orleans to begin my career as a Civil Engineer.  I always thought that I had to follow that path to be financially successful and secure.  I guess that's a product of growing up with the desire to one day be able to provide the world to a family of my own.  To give them a life that many, including myself, could only dream of.  Even this desire couldn't overpower the passion I had for the outdoors, the desire to experience it all, and to share it with the world.

Here in south Louisiana we have one of the best fisheries in the world and it didn't take me long to get out on the water and start learning everything I could about the marsh and the saltwater species that inhabit it.  Sight fishing from a flats skiff, often described as a technical poling skiff, is like a combination of fishing and bow hunting.  It's challenging, it's an adrenalin rush, it's personal.  It combined my passions into one.  I've been fishing my home state of Louisiana for as long as I can remember and I'm in my 10th year of fishing the marsh near New Orleans.  I can't imagine any other place I'd rather be.

I'm licensed by the US Coast Guard and state of Louisiana, insured by a top of the line charter insurance company, and run one of the best skiffs on the market.

I urge you to come experience what Louisiana has to offer and allow me to share my passion with you.  If you've been here and experienced it before then you know exactly why you have to come back. Every day is an adventure and you never know what you will experience.



Please confirm availability with Capt. Brandon for the dates you wish to reserve before booking them online.