southern fly expeditions SLidell, Louisiana


Come fish with Southern Fly Expeditions in Slidell, Louisiana on the infamous Lake Ponchartrain.  Enjoy all the atributes of warm and friendly Slidell while we treat you to the best fly fishing experience in Southern Louisiana.  But first, here are all the reasons that choosing Slidell for your stay will add to the excitement of your fly fishing experience.

 The city of Slidell, Louisiana sits on the northeast shore of Lake Ponchartrain in St. Tammany's Parish.   It has a rich history from the early rail lines to NASA's testing facility branches.  It has a small town atmosphere with a friendly aura among the townspeople.  Visitors come to stay in Slidell for the relaxing atmosphere and family friendly activities such sailing, canoeing, swamp tours, or most importantly world class fishing.   

Slidell small town feel is not reflective of it's history.   The building of Slidell came with the building of the railroad across Lake Ponchartrain connecting the town to New Orleans.  It was in the late 1880's, short period after the Civil War, that construction began.  Encampments of men who hand dug trenches, hauled cresote lumber that was set across the lake to build the 22 mile railroad bridge.  Today, it sits aside the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, the 24 mile bridge of I-10.      

Slidell not only had a connection to the beginning of rail travel, it was the home of NASA's manufacturing and testing facility that opened in 1960 .  The facility proudly brought engineers and science professionals to Slidell giving the town another growth spurt.    It remained active until 2011 after the space shuttle program was retired.  

Throughout the history of Slidell, on industry remained constant.  The main staple of the fishing industry is still going strong.  This industry is supported by Lake Ponchartrain and the surrounding bayous that welcome a variety of fish.  Whether fishing along the lake shore or venturing out among the shallow water marsh, the fish are plentiful.   For the best luck at having a busy day casting your fly, it's wise to hire a fishing guide like Southern Fly Expeditions.  The expert guide, Captain Brandon Keck, will pole you through the shallow water marshes for the best Red Drum fishing in the world.  You may hook an Aligator Gar, Jack Crevalle, Sheepshead, or a feisty Black Drum.  Whatever the species, be ready for an action packed day on the water, reeling in a formidable prey.

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